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How to choose the right contractor for your home remodeling project

Choosing the right company for your project can be stressful. There are so many companies out there who offer so many different things. It’s almost like dating and trying to find that perfect partner. You want it to be a perfect fit, but you’re wise enough to know that not every prospect is a good match for your uniqueness.

The same goes for choosing a contractor for your home improvement project. What may be a perfect fit for your neighbor or friend who had work done by one company doesn’t mean they are perfect for you and your home. Every person has unique tastes, and we all align with slightly or vastly different morals and missions in life.

Here are some tips we have found to be extremely helpful when choosing a contractor for your project.

Tips on choosing a contractor

Local small business or Nationwide corporation

One of the first things to think about when choosing a contractor is if you want to work with a local small business or a giant corporate company. Both have their pro’s and con’s equally, so what it comes down to is your personal preference.

A nationwide corporation or franchise offers a name brand that you’re familiar with and deeper pockets to spend on ads and sports teams, but does that mean it’s necessarily better? Not at all. It could be and it couldn’t be. A lot of companies that get too big start to forget about the individual customer, and that customer simply becomes a number or statistic to them. You could call them for customer service when something goes wrong and get passed around to five different departments. Or not even talk to a person at all and get a robot instead.

A local small business isn’t as big as a large, corporate company, but they can offer a lot of things that bigger companies can’t. A smaller business typically has less customers since they aren’t worried about the world domination of windows. They live and work in their local area and is usually one of your neighbors down the street. Smaller local companies tend to care a lot more about you and your project. They have a higher attention to detail because you aren’t just a number or stat to them. Every project for a smaller, local company is treated like they are doing the work for their own family.


Missions and morals

When you’re looking at a potential company you may choose for your project, you have to ask yourself what’s important to you. Is donating to different charities important to you? Is being a local company versus a national company important to you? Do you want a company that honors its veterans and military members? Is giving back to your local community important to you? Is being from your local area or not important to you?

Just like dating, it’s never a bad idea to ask yourself before getting into a relationship with another person if your morals and missions in life align with each other. Anyone reading this can look back at their life and remember at least one instance of dating the wrong person.


Go with your gut

Whether it’s a big company or small business, when you’re online looking at a company’s website or social media, pay attention to how you feel as you research them. Do you get a confident, warm feeling? Or, do you see something that gives you that “red flag” feeling?

Pay close attention to how you feel when you talk to them on the phone or read an email from them or meet them in person. You want to feel good about the company you are choosing to work on your home. You want to feel that they care about you and your project. Whether the company has been around for 30 years or they started last year, you can tell everything by how the representatives from that company carry themselves and treat you.


Why choose American Remodel to be your contractor?

Customers choose us because they want a local small business where they deal with the owners of a company and not a salesperson. They choose us because they want a company with that family-friendly feel who they know they can trust to care about their project just as much as they do. They choose us because they want to do business with people who value building life-long relationships.

We are two guys who left the big corporate companies to pursue our own vision. When you choose us, you are working with an owner. Growing our business is entirely up to the success of each and every job we do. There is absolutely nothing more important to us than the satisfaction of every customer. We know that we can’t grow our American Remodel family of happy customers without making every customer happy. There is no other company in the Montgomery County area in Maryland who will care more about your project than us. We guarantee it.


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