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Fresh Start: Transforming Your Home with the Ultimate Spring Checklist

Fresh Start: Transforming Your Home with the Ultimate Spring Checklist

Ahh, springtime. This season of renewal is the perfect time to get outside, enjoy the weather, and take stock of your home’s condition after the long winter. Homeowners should perform a “spring cleaning” assessment annually, as the rough winter months in Annapolis can take a toll on our homes.

The constant freeze-thaw cycles, coupled with snow, ice, and frigid temperatures can wreak havoc on a home’s exterior. Siding may crack, paint may peel, and roofs may suffer from the weight of snow and ice dams. Gutters, often clogged with winter debris, can struggle to channel melting snow away, requiring dedicated gutter repair for Annapolis homes. Windows, too, endure the elements, leading to drafts and sky-high energy bills.

There’s a lot to cover, which is why we put together this guide: Your all-encompassing resource for pre-spring home preparation. Let’s dive in!

Roof Inspection: Start at the Top

Your roof, the unsung hero of your home, should be a top priority during your assessment, as winter storms and heavy snowfall can take their toll. As many as 66% of homeowners replace their roofs due to storm damage or leakage, though properly-maintained residential shingles can last a good 15 to 30 years.

Perform a quick visual inspection of your roof to see if you notice any missing shingles, tears, exposed underlayment, or other abnormalities. This is one area where there’s no room for compromise. If you notice any concerns, contact a home repair company and schedule an assessment before the rainy season comes in full.

Downspout & Gutter Repair in Annapolis

Gutter cleaning is on every homeowner’s to-do list, and for good reason. It’s inevitable that gutter systems will get clogged with leaves or debris, but poor water runoff contributes to water damage, wood rot, and even bigger issues if your downspouts allow water to pool around your foundation.

As part of your spring cleaning routine, we advise all homeowners to take a look at their gutters and see if cleaning services are warranted. Most homes will need some gutter cleaning several times throughout the year, especially after heavy rainfall.

However, homeowners should be cautious about performing these tasks themselves, as any ladder work is risky. Research shows that 97% of ladder-related falls happen in non-occupational settings (for example, a homeowner cleaning his/her gutters!) and as many as 500,000 people are treated for ladder injuries annually.

This is why we recommend that homeowners leave the work to the professionals. While gutter repair for Annapolis homes is common, homeowners need to ensure that they work with the right partners for any home project. American Remodel specializes in gutter replacement for Annapolis, MD homes and can handle all aspects of gutter repair, downspout cleaning, and if necessary, replacement of damaged channels.

Exterior Appeal: Siding Replacement

Your home’s exterior is its first impression, and worn-out siding can significantly impact its aesthetics. Worse yet, missing panels or exterior damage can produce critical vulnerabilities that allow pests, termites, or other critters inside—creating bigger headaches that none of us have time to deal with.

Spring is the ideal time to assess your siding and see if replacements are warranted. Damage to existing siding is the top reason homeowners undertake siding projects, though increased curb appeal comes close as a secondary bonus! Modern siding materials like vinyl and fiber cement not only enhance curb appeal but also provide durability and a more energy-efficient home.

Homeowners may struggle with decisions about siding, but a local home remodeling expert in Maryland can guide you through the selection process, ensuring your home stands out for all the right reasons.

Windows and Screens

Icy winters take a toll on windows and screens, commonly impacting latches, handles, and hinges. Given the pivotal role of windows in home décor and energy efficiency, it’s crucial to inspect them for wear and damage during your spring cleaning.

Inspect your windows for cracks and damage. Test the functionality of each mechanism and ensure all hinges and tracks are smooth. Keep an eye out for condensation in double pane windows and review all parts of the window frame, sill, and caulking. While you’re at it, review any screens you may have for tears or holes. Screen doors are easily replaced, though for tiny holes, a screen patching kit may be sufficient.

If your windows are older and nearing the end of their expected lifespan, it might make more sense to invest in new, energy-efficient windows that will endure for years and keep your energy costs down.

Looking Down: Concrete Inspection

Exposure to changing seasons can impact concrete surfaces around your property. Unfortunately, there’s not much homeowners in Annapolis can do to prevent weather-related concrete damage, but by staying on top of regular assessments, you’ll be able to address any issues promptly.

Conduct a thorough inspection during your spring cleaning to identify any cracks, unevenness, or signs of deterioration. Damaged concrete not only poses safety risks but can also affect the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. If the cracks are small, you might be able to restore its integrity with asphalt crack filler or patching compounds. However, these are relatively short-term solutions. As cracks grow, homeowners may need to start thinking about long-term repaving services.

Review & Reseal Exterior Woodwork

Wooden elements, such as deck work, fences, and trim, are particularly susceptible to the elements. Spring is the perfect time to review your exterior woodwork, protecting it from moisture, UV rays, and other weather-related damages. 

This is particularly important for outdoor decks, as they’re load-bearing structures. According to NADRA, in the U.S. alone there are 30 million decks that are beyond their useful life and need repair or replacement. In other words, deck damage isn’t just a matter of aesthetics; your safety is on the line! 

Conduct a thorough inspection, identifying signs of wear such as cracks, discoloration, or warping. The condition of your woodwork will depend on its age and how well it’s been taken care of over the years, as well as the presence of any coatings or finishes. Establishing a routine maintenance schedule is key to the sustained protection of your exterior woodwork. Regularly check for wear and consider applying sealant to extend the longevity of wood products. 

Taps & Water Systems

After the last freeze, always check and run outside taps to ensure they’re in working order. Freezing temperatures can cause pipes to crack or burst, leading to water damage and potential plumbing issues. Running the taps clears any residual water and helps you identify leaks or malfunctions.

While you’re at it, review your sprinklers and other irrigation systems to ensure everything is set up correctly. Irrigation spouts can become misaligned over time and fail to deliver water where it’s needed, creating headaches and higher water bills all at once. Staying on top of this step ensures that your outdoor water supply is ready for gardening, cleaning, and other springtime activities.

Prepare Your A/C Unit

As warmer temperatures approach, you should take a look at your A/C unit and prepare it for the season. You may need to clear weeds, debris, and any accumulated gunk from around the A/C unit. This allows for optimal airflow and efficiency, preventing strain on the system. A well-maintained A/C system not only ensures a cooler home but also extends the lifespan of your equipment. You should also change the filters once a year, or ideally, hire a professional technician to service the unit before A/C is needed.

Inspect the Property for Tree Damage or Other Concerns

As a final step, walk your property and keep an eye out for other issues not addressed above. For example, those with trees on their property should perform annual reviews for tree damage or signs of disease. Damaged trees can have weakened branches that may dislodge during storms and leave you stuck on the phone with your insurance company. Do one final assessment of your property’s unique considerations before taking some well-deserved time off. 

Need Help With Spring Cleaning? Let’s Get to Work.

Undertaking home repairs and renovations can be overwhelming, especially during spring cleaning when there are so many areas to review. This is where the expertise of a home remodeling company in Maryland becomes invaluable. From basic siding replacement to gutter repair in Annapolis, professional services not only save you time and effort but guarantee a standard of workmanship that simply can’t be found with DIY fixes. 

Partner with Maryland’s home remodeling experts and turn your cleaning efforts into lasting transformations that support your home.

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