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Create Your Annapolis Dream Patio: A Guide to Design and Installation

Imagine stepping outside into a lush, outdoor oasis that calls you to relax, socialize, and recreate. Maybe you imagine a classic wooden patio that’s buffed, painted, and polished to perfection. Or maybe something bigger with a new gazebo, hand-crafted and professionally-built by artisans who specialize in patio installation for Annapolis, MD homes. Whatever your goals might be, American Remodel invites you to think big and consider what sorts of patio design services will create the space of your dreams.

Below, we review what style options are available for patio design, and we cover some must-know details that homeowners should understand before work begins.

Plan Your Dream Patio

It all starts with an idea. What type of outdoor space do you have now, and what kind of space would you like to create? As Annapolis contractors, we’ve helped countless homeowners design new patios. Our expertise provides everything from planning to material procurement to concrete pouring and setting. But as with any project, you must lay out your goals ahead of time.

Define Your Vision

Jot down some notes on what kind of space you want to create. Whether you envision a space for entertaining guests, relaxing with family, or a combination of both, your goals will form the framework for all design choices to come. Consider things like how often you plan to use the patio and the typical number of guests you host.

Think long-term. A properly-maintained concrete patio can last over 25 years, so it helps to consider what type of outdoor needs you have today as well as those you may have later.

Location, Location, Location

Even in smaller Annapolis homes, patios can be installed in a variety of locations on the property. Making the right choices here will play a big part in the patio’s overall usability. Consider the size and shape of your outdoor space, the patterns of sun exposure throughout the day, the desired proximity to your house, and current landscaping. It’s also good to consider how other recreational elements, like pools or gazebos, will affect your outdoor space’s flow.

Patios are versatile enough to fit into a variety of areas. Take stock of your space and work with your contractor to find the perfect location that suits your goals and supports durable, long-lasting construction.

Design Your Dream Space

Choice of location is often a matter of practicality, but once you decide how much space you have to work with, you can dive into the fun parts: the ideal coordination of patio materials and construction options that truly make the space your own. But don’t think only in terms of aesthetics. Design choices influence patio functionality, both in terms of what you can do with it and what kind of upkeep to expect.

Typically, patio installation for Annapolis, MD homes follows one of several design themes based on your aesthetic preferences (modern, traditional, coastal, etc.).

While it’s common to choose a particular aesthetic to guide your design, you aren’t restricted to any sort of template. American Remodel can design a wide range of patios that don’t conform to cookie-cutter templates. If you’re looking for a patio unlike anyone else’s, let your contractor know.

Choose the Right Materials

You’ve chosen a space. Next comes the process of obtaining the perfect coordination of durable and vibrant materials that bring patios to life.


Concrete is one of the most common patio options because it features incredible durability and versatility. It’s a great option that supports various design styles such as stamped or colored finishes. You can even customize it with different patterns and colors to perfectly match your existing aesthetics However, be aware that concrete does tend to crack over time due to weather changes and ground movement.


Pavers offer many of the same benefits as poured concrete—rugged durability and a wide range of design options. Even better, pavers are easy to repair if they get damaged and makes replacement easier when cracks appear. They come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes and allow for nearly endless creative design possibilities. On the downside, pavers can be more expensive compared to other materials, though most homeowners find that the initial investment is well worth the cost in the long run.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is a timeless look that enhances the visual appeal of an outdoor space. Common stone materials include granite, marble, slate, and limestone. Where design options like concrete and brick strive for uniformity, natural stones vary in size and appearance to create an organic, eye-catching appearance that is unique. However, this aesthetic comes with higher costs and longer installation times, so it may not be suitable for every homeowner’s construction timeline.


Brick offers a range of benefits and is a perennial favorite for patio installation in Annapolis, MD. Bricks offer a classic look and durability. They’re recyclable, and brick is a versatile design element. The term “brick” simply refers to any chemically-cured construction block, meaning that homeowners aren’t limited to the classic red-brick style they may have grown up with. Many types of colors and patterns are available. However, regardless of which is chosen, bricks have the tendency to shift over many years of use—so periodic maintenance will be required to keep them looking their best.


Gravel is cost-effective and provides excellent drainage, which makes it ideal for wetter climates. Like other materials, gravel comes in different sizes and colors to match various design needs, and it’s often used in conjunction with other materials to add variety and resilience to outdoor spaces. Of course, as gravel owners know, it requires somewhat regular maintenance to look its best, and it’s less comfortable to walk on than smooth stones or bricks.


Tile is stylish and easy to clean but isn’t often considered among patio design materials. Tile is affordable, offers versatile design options, and is durable. Common tile materials include ceramic and porcelain, which can add eye-catching accents to a more rugged base of concrete or stone. If using tiles on walkways, keep in mind that they can be slippery when wet.


Wood offers a natural, warm appearance that is customizable, eco-friendly, and relatively easy to repair. The choice begins with which type of wood to use. Common options include cedar, redwood, treated pine, and teak. You can paint or stain it in various colors to further personalize your design. Wood is a great material for covered patios, gazebos, and sunrooms—patio options that provide some protection from the elements. The biggest drawback to wood is that it’s susceptible to water damage, splintering, and rot. Covered patio options will help wood retain its integrity and last as long as possible.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is low maintenance, easy to install, and built with eco-friendly materials like wood fiber and recycled plastics. These features make it a great alternative to other patio options because it’s affordable and resistant to rot and insects. It also comes in many colors and styles, even those resembling natural wood, stone, and other high-end options. While the initial cost can be higher compared to traditional wood, the resilience and durability of composite decking means less time and money spent on maintenance over time. A properly-maintained composite patio can last for 30 years or more.


Flagstone is a natural stone that comes in thin, flat slabs for elegant construction. The term “flagstone” refers to the shape of the stone itself, not the material. This means you’ll be able to choose among sandstone flagstone, slate flagstone, limestone flagstone, and so on. While each material type comes with its own advantages, several benefits remain consistent for any type of flagstone. This option is durable, eye-catching, and perfectly flat to support safe, even walkways. On the other hand, the unique properties of flagstone and its time-consuming installation tend to push project costs up.

Why Let American Remodel Guide Your Patio Installation?

American Remodel stands out for its expertise and commitment to quality craftsmanship. We prioritize patio installation in Annapolis, MD that uses local resources that are sourced ethically and disposed of responsibly. When possible, we source materials from right here in Annapolis, which makes it easy to design amazing patios that complement our state’s natural beauty.

Our services cover everything homeowners need to bring their vision to life, whether it’s for a new deck, pergola, sunroom, and more:

Patio Replacement and Installation: Designed to meet your space and design specifications and managed by professional contractors from start to finish.

Covered Patios: Offer shade and protection; covered patios allow outdoor areas to be enjoyed in various weather conditions.

Screen Rooms and Sunrooms: These additions mean extra living space that combine indoor comfort with outdoor enjoyment.

Pergolas and Gazebos: Add architectural interest and compelling relaxation areas that take your green space to the next level.

American Remodel offers a five-year guarantee on every patio installation. For Annapolis, MD, homeowners and those in the area, we provide an end-to-end approach built with the highest standards of quality.

Your Dream Patio Is Closer Than You Think

Creating a new patio is a rewarding process–and one that should be fun! If you’re unsure of where to begin, or if you’re struggling to understand your options, let American Remodel help. We provide free consultations for patio installation in Annapolis, MD as well as for homeowners in any of our service areas across Maryland, D.C., and Northern Virginia. Contact us to schedule an appointment and take the first step toward the patio of your dreams.

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