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Are you tired of all the sales gimmicks?

The days of old school sales gimmicks are gone. The days of the door-to-door Tin Man are over. The age of technology has dawned on all of us the last 10-20 years. It’s time to say goodbye to the old Glengarry Glen Ross generation and say hello to the beginning of putting customers in the driver’s seat.

The struggle..

Have you ever had a salesperson come out to your home for a home improvement project and they left you with the worst taste in your mouth? All you wanted was a simple, straightforward quote to get an idea of what the job would cost, but what you got was this horse-and-pony show that lasts for hours. All you can think the whole time is, “when will it end?”. When you set the appointment they say it will last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes. That seems like a lot of time to you to begin with, but you need to fix these issues with your home so you agree to it. However, the day of your appointment comes and the salesperson is still sitting in your home after 4 or 5 hours.

Will the games ever end?

The unfortunate truth is that most of these large, corporate companies you have come out to your home train their salespeople to stay in your home for as long as it takes to get the sale. They show you their price of the project at the absolute end of the appointment, and when you tell them “no” is when the stressful sales games start.

When taking “no” for an answer goes wrong..

First, they show you their retail price for the project first, which is inconceivably high. In fact, it’s so high that you know no one in their right mind would ever buy at that price. Then, they show their monthly sale price and say it’s only good for THIS month, but you’ve seen them run the same sale every month before this month. You tell them “no” politely and that you will think about it before the month ends.

That’s when they offer you a TODAY ONLY price that’s good only if you place an order while they are in the home before they leave. You again politely say “no”, maybe even a few times, but they aren’t leaving. Instead, they call their boss back at the office, and magically there is another rebate they can offer you on top of all the other discounts. However, there are only “a few left” and will be given to customers on a first-come, first-served basis until they are all gone. How convenient, right? Still, you hold steadfastly to your guns and say “no” again.

Tensions start to rise

At this point, you can feel the tension build up in the room. It’s like a thick, invisible heaviness that rains down over you, filling you with anxiety. You can see the salesperson’s face being drained of all the energy and hope they previously had during the entire appointment. You’re waiting for them to give up, but they persist on. They now try to get a “target price” out of you, aka a price that you would do the deal for right then and there. At this point, you are fed up with the entire experience and eventually make the salesperson leave your home. You close the door behind them as they leave with all their samples, and you think to yourself, “phew, thank god they are gone!”.

The pressure continues..

But it doesn’t end there. You get a call the next day from their inside salesperson asking how the appointment went and what it would have taken for them to earn your business. Just for fun, you tell them a ridiculously low number for the total cost of the project as you think to yourself, “they won’t ever do the project for this price, but I’ll give it a try anyways”. Magically, they come down to that price (or one that’s very close). That’s the precise moment when you start thinking about all the time and mental energy you could have saved if they had just given you that fair and affordable price to begin with.

Break the cycle!

If you have ever been the victim of this type of situation (or you are a potential customer that doesn’t want to deal with this situation ever) and wish to do business with a company that gives you that fair and affordable price upfront without all of the lengthy appointments and sales gimmicks, reach out to us with a quick phone call, email, or message. We are happy to help with your project and show you firsthand why American Remodel is the fastest and most convenient way to get a quote for your project.

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